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Black is the New Black: Marc Jacobs Black Watches

All year round people try to pass other colours for being the next big thing, you know, like “green is the new black!” or “orange is the new black!” but honestly speaking, black will never be anything else but black. For decades, black has been established as a fashion industry basic AND staple, and will simply not be that easily replaced by just any other hue from the colour palette. There is this certain character and depth that originally, and uniquely, comes with the colour black that just distinguishes itself from the other colours.

When it comes to fashion, black is bold and strong, but also flexible and neutral. It is worn and coupled with any other colour and still manages to make an outfit look classic, elegant, and chic. This is mainly the reason why so many black wardrobe pieces have been deemed a wardrobe staple by the fashion industry – items such as the little black dress or the classic black pumps will always, always be a closet must have.

Marc Jacobs Black Watches as Wardrobe Staples

The same way that the little black dress or classic black pumps have earned their respective spots as wardrobe staples, so have black watches as accessory staples. The colour black sends the message of sophistication and strength. When accessorising, nothing says “I’m on the right track and I am determined to get to the finish line” better than a classic black watch. One other great thing about black watches is that they complement any skin tone. So you don’t have to think twice about a black watch being the right basic accessory for you.

Top Off Any Outfit with Marc Jacobs Black Watches

Also like a little black dress, black watches will go perfectly with any outfit. Whether you’re going for a polished office look with basic nude pumps, a basic black watch is sure to add an air of sophisticated willpower to the overall outfit. Or, if you’re in the mood for dressing down, a basic plain white shirt and a pair of skinny blue jeans and flats will never look too lazy when blessed with the class of a classic Marc Jacobs black watch. No matter who you ask, a black watch is a DEFINITE must have for anyone. And why not take class from the standard classic – Marc Jacobs.

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