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Keep Up With the Trend: Marc Jacobs Blade Watch

Out with the old and in with the new. Marc by Marc Jacobs has released the new Marc Jacobs Blade Watch. No don’t worry, it’s not sharp and it won’t wound the wearer. But one thing is for sure, it does live up to its name by being one of the edgiest watch designs ever released by Marc Jacobs. It’s time to bid good bye to simple and boring old analogue watches and hello to a more high-end, high class, and flashy new alternative – the Marc Jacobs Blade Watch.

What’s New with the Marc Jacobs Blade Watch?

We’re telling you right now that the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection of blade watches is one luxury that most anyone would be dying to have. It’s not just the plain and simple analogue wristwatch anymore, as Marc Jacobs takes class to a whole different level with this collection. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Blade watch features an IP gold 40MM stainless steel case with the logo etched on the watch’s top ring. The watch’s bracelet is made out of stainless steel IP gold as well, with brush outer links and fine detailed middle links creating a brand new kind of lustre that is beautiful and immaculate unlike nothing ever before.

The watch’s clock’s face is detailed with shadow gold stones at each hour and Chrono rings for detail, all finished off with gold for the dial. Has that got you hooked? This is only one of their newest designs; the collection includes a complete range of colours, designs, and materials from rose gold to silver, to the classic black and white - each piece as edgy as the next. These watches are beautiful, functional, and are of exceptional quality. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Blade watch is class itself.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Blade watch from Ice Online

Let your accessories do the talking for you, order a Marc by Marc Jacobs Blade watch today. This collection has pieces for both men and women, and the pieces are available in a variety of different colours and styles. Check out Ice Online Australia and look through our online catalogue for all the models you can choose from.

And while the Marc Jacobs collection is stunning at the very least, there are a ton of imitations online that try to pass for authentic pieces. At Ice Online Australia, we offer you nothing but 100% genuine and original timepieces authentically from Marc Jacobs, and each piece available to you at friendly prices. Check out our collection and order today!