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Pure Sophistication: Marc Jacobs Gold Watch

Marc Jacobs is a world renowned American designer. He has the power and gift to transform a simple thing to an expensive one with sophistication and style. His products range from clothing and bags to watches, and enjoyed by men and women alike. He is trusted by most celebrities, and preferred by almost everyone.

Why People Love Marc Jacobs Gold Watch

However, the demand for his products is not only because they bear a ‘Marc Jacobs’ brand. His products, watches in particular, are loved because of their simplicity. His watches either come in a fold over clasp or leather design. They also come in elegant colours and are not too flashy. Although some of his designs bear a big ‘By Marc Jacobs’ print, they still appear sophisticated. Probably, that is the Marc Jacobs effect. Moreover, his watches are very versatile. They can be worn in a formal gathering or even when watching football. With its elegance and beauty, the Marc Jacobs Gold Watch is sure worth every cent.

Characteristics of a Marc Jacobs Gold Watch

Aside from the sophistication that every Marc Jacobs Gold Watch bear, each also has the following characteristics that make them the best gold watch in the market.

Reliable quartz movement

Marc Jacobs gold watch uses battery to power up and make the watch work. The battery sends electrical current to quartz crystals which creates the vibrations. It is the vibrations which makes the motor move the hands in a watch. Quartz movement is highly accurate and needs very minimal upkeep such as battery replacement.

High quality (Stainless steel)

Marc Jacobs gold watches are made of high quality materials. Not all gold watches are entirely made of gold. Some are made of superior quality stainless steel and are coated with gold plating. The stainless steel is subjected to series of treatments to ensure that the gold coating attaches to the substrate well.

Water resistant

Most Marc Jacobs gold watches are waterproof. This means that they are water resistant only to some extent. Every Marc Jacobs Gold Watch is water-resistant up to 5 atmospheres. That is around 50 meters or 165 feet. Hence, they can be worn around the house, while washing face but not while scuba diving.


Every Marc Jacobs Gold Watch is chronograph watch. They have stopwatch capabilities. There will be different counters or mechanisms on the display. Each counter measures elapsed time. The counters can register seconds, minutes, or hours, depending on the setting. Marc Jacobs Henry and Rock watches for women are some of the lines with chronograph mechanisms.

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