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A Guide to Wearing Marc Jacobs Silver Watch

Boys have swag but men have class. While women may prefer bigger earrings or chokers to go with their outfits, not all men might consider fashion but surely wearing the right pieces of jewellery can upgrade any man’s look from a swagger to a classy, brilliant gentleman. At the same time, flashy, grandiose bling-bling paired with a suit is very unattractive. Men’s jewellery is simple, clever, and subtle.

One of the best and most versatile pieces of jewellery every man should have is a watch. It is highly functional and very easy to wear with any outfit. Some men have memorable and sentimentally valued timepieces which they wear exclusively for so many years. Others, however, choose to own different watches to be worn in varying occasions and with diverse styles. No matter how or what type of watch is worn, the general rule is that the simpler the timepiece, the more formal it appears.

Another unwritten rule is that a watch is not worn when donning a tuxedo or tailcoat because keeping track of time is not associated with those kinds of formal parties. However, those who are in a particular profession cannot live without a timepiece. Politicians, lawyers, and doctors cannot do away with a Marc Jacobs silver watch.

How to Wear Marc Jacobs Silver Watch

For men, fashion is not necessary. As long as a timepiece is versatile enough, they will go for it. Marc Jacobs silver watch is easily adaptable. Silver and silver-tine metals such as stainless steel and chrome are neutral hues that can easily blend in to an outfit. Because Marc Jacobs Silver Watch falls in the black-to-white gradient, it does not clash with other colours and is not, generally, eye-catching. It is subtle just the way a man needs it to be.

A Marc Jacobs Silver Watch like Marc by Marc Jacobs Blade Watch in silver can be worn well with a light grey suit. It can also go well with a leather belt with a silver buckle for a timeless sense of class. A navy blue suit can be paired with a silver watch with a classic black face like Marc Jacobs Men’s Larry Watch for an absolute smart look.

Inside a Marc Jacobs Silver Watch

Every Marc Jacobs silver watch is valued not only for its simplicity but also for these things:


Quartz movement is highly accurate and needs very minimal upkeep such as battery replacement just the men need the watches to be, no complications.

Water resistance

Marc Jacobs silver watches are water resistant up to 10 atmospheres. That is 100 meters or 330 feet.


They have stopwatch capabilities.

Every man needs a reliable timepiece. Visit Ice Online Australia for a Marc Jacobs Silver Watch and for all other jewelleries that are 100% authentic!