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Classically Sophisticated Marc Jacobs Skeleton Watch

The great thing about a watch is that it doesn’t have to be so grandiosely designed for it to stand out and look good. This is because everyone recognises that its primary purpose is to tell the time, not to accessorise. But if you have the chance to make yourself look even more sophisticated and still use that fact to be able to read the time, it would probably be far more amusing and practical. Now, instead of the usual watch, you can have a versatile 2-in-1 watch that you can definitely put on whenever you wish.

The Uniqueness of a Skeleton Watch

One such watch with an additional design factor is the skeleton watch. A skeleton watch is any watch wherein the moving gears of the watch itself is made visible. This can be done through a variety of different methods such as making the front area see-through, or even simply cutting out a part of the watch face. The nice thing about skeleton watches is that they seem to employ the concept of getting down to the basics. Even more so, makers went back to far lower than just the basics in this instance: they stripped away a supposedly crucial part of the watch so that we can see its bare bones.

The Marc Jacobs Skeleton Watch

The Marc Jacobs Skeleton Watch was able to combine the steam punk era style of a watch with the elegance of an everyday watch. In this manner, the watch can be worn outside for events and can be worn on a daily basis according to how often you are willing to show off your unique skeleton watch. Instead of buying another traditional watch, why not try this type of watch so that you’re wearing a double experience. Who knows, your ability to combine two seemingly separate concepts: design and practicality, makes your watch truly one of a kind.

Get a Marc Jacobs Skeleton Watch so that you can look unique from everyone else through a one-of-a-kind accessory. Enjoy your time staring at the tiny gears within your watch as they move according to the steady beat of the time, and you can while away boring events and occurrences by simply enjoying your watch. The skeleton watch is ultimately different from other types of watches and will surely make you the star of the show, wherever you may go.

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