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Sophistication is now a Timepiece: Marc Jacobs White Watches

Something about white watches gives an air of polished and elegant that is in all ways different from black, but is flexible and easily wearable just the same as black. White watches say ‘I’m all about business,’ but in a more fun and dainty kind of way. White Marc Jacobs watches are perfect for the girly girl in every woman.

First date? Wear a white Marc Jacobs watch

Getting ready for a first date and you really like the guy? As all women would know, accessories could make or break any outfit. But just a heads up, if you’re a watch-wearing kind of gal, we suggest you go with a sophisticated Marc Jacobs white watch. Why, you ask? A black watch does send the impression that you’re miss independent and that you can handle your business on your own, however black loses over white in this case because black could make you seem a bit too headstrong. A white watch, on the other hand, shows that you are still independent and that you are on top of stuff in your life, but that there is a side of you that is loose and fun and flirty and that you would be willing to let your hair down once the fun starts. It’s less intimidating, yet equally just as sexy! It’s a win-win!

Not sure of what to wear? White watches can go with basically any outfit, but would look especially cute when worn with a beautiful pastel outfit. There’s nothing like the charm of a dainty damsel, one look at you and you’ll have him hooked!

What is it about Marc Jacobs white watches?

Marc Jacobs is an established brand name, well known and respected in the fashion industry. Their designs have managed to marry both uniqueness and timeless style in every creation which only very few have managed to match. Now, white watches designed by Marc Jacobs are individually truly beautiful pieces, from the materials to each beautiful detail carefully incorporated into a timeless immaculate timepiece. Each piece manages to give the wearer the air of sophistication, luxury, and dainty.

If you’re looking for an original white Marc Jacobs watch, there are so many designs to choose from at Ice Online. They are the perfect practical pretty staple accessory that you will definitely be thankful for that you had. At Ice Online, we offer you 100% authentic and original Marc Jacobs pieces, available to you at friendly prices.