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Styling a Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Sandra Bullock are just some of the celebrities who love Michael Kors. Why wouldn’t they? Michael Kors is a brand that knows what women wants. And because Michael Kors know that rose gold watches look trendy, chic, stylish, and classy, it produced its own line of rose gold timepieces.

Rose gold is a unique colour. It is also called pink or red gold. This highly flexible metal is an alloy or combination of gold and copper. A rose gold watch is versatile because it does not compete with other colours. Instead, it blends and enhances other hues well. Anyone with a Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch can enjoy the warmth of the colour to compliment the wearer’s skin tone. However, wearing rose gold requires some technique. Here are a few pieces of advice on how to style a Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch.

Compliment with Gemstones

Because rose gold watches are very subtle and unique, it can be paired well with diamonds and other precious stones to enhance the latter. A Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch can add colour to or match the colour of the gems. Diamonds always complement gold and produce a wonderful combination. Bring out your personality by pairing rose gold with other sentimental pieces of jewellery that you have.

Make Casual Look Smart and Classy

While gold and silver watches are more on the formal side of things, rose gold can be worn perfectly even with a casual look. In fact, it enhances a casual ensemble to a classy one. Rose gold is a colour that blends in with both traditional and modern styles. A Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch can even be combined with leather for a more unique fashion statement.

Blend a Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch with Copper Jewellery

Rose gold and copper are colours that are highly complementary. Spice up your outfit with a copper ring, bracelet or belt, and finish it off with a rose gold watch such as Michael Kors Women's Runaway Watch. Michael Kors may be a bit costly but pair it up with low-budget pieces and your overall look will still look expensive and fab.

Mix and Match Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch with Dark Colours

Rose gold is a soft and flexible colour. It can pair well with colours as light as yellow and as dark as midnight blue. However, contrary to how rose gold will work with light colours, dark hues tend to enhance the visibility of rose gold. A Michael Kors Skylar watch is perfect with a navy blue corporate attire.

Rose gold is a feminine, classy colour. Visit Ice Online Australia for a Michael Kors Rose Gold watch.