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Top Reasons to Choose Mulco Watches

Mulco watches are classic timepieces which capture the sophistication of the past and the dynamism of the present. The Mulco brand was born in Genève in 1958 through the artistry and brilliance of Mr. Muller from Muller and Co. Because of its sophisticated design and unsullied Swiss quality, it immediately made its way through the market.

Today, Mulco watches are still a crowd favourite. The brand is a partner of various fashion designers from all over the world. It has also been participating in the runway including the 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim event in 2013 in Miami Beach, FL. Mulco watches are also gaining popularity in the internet as bloggers begin to patronize the brand.

Things To Desire In Mulco Watches

The Mulco brand is not an ordinary timepiece. It has the following unique features which attract the modern man and woman.

Swiss movement - As a watch that originated from Genève, it is no surprise that Mulco watches use the Swiss movement.

Ergonomic designs - Mulco watches are made to be comfortable and versatile. Hence, each is designed with a vision that the wearer can take it from work to an after-party. Aside from this, every watch is 10 ATM water resistant, and can go as deep as 100 metres.

Finest materials - The watch is made of genuine leather, authentic mother of pearl, Swarovski, and 100% pure silicone band. Mulco watches undergo a complex Ion Plating process to ensure that colours will not fade or peel.

Spicing Up Looks With Cara Loren

Who she is: Cara Loren Van Brocklin is a U.S.-based fashion blogger.

What she wears: She wears Coco from Mulco watches’ Couture Collection. It has the Swiss Made Quartz movement. It is made of stainless steel, has black silicon straps, black dial, and gold metal accents.

How she wears it: Cara Loren wears it as an accessory to a summer evening ensemble. She wears it with a little black dress, a lightweight trench jacket, and a pair of black heeled sandals.

What she loves about Mulco: It is a simple accessory but it can change an entire look.

Fashionably Forward With Marianna Elizabeth

Who she is: Marianna Elizabeth Hewitt is a former TV host. She is a lifestyle blogger who collaborated with various companies including Tiffany & Co, Marc Jacobs, and YSL Beauty, to name a few.

What she wears: She wears a white elegant Kripton but not the one that makes Superman weak. Her watch is from Mulco watches’ Kripton Collection. It uses Swiss Made Quartz movement. It has white silicon straps, white dial with white crystals, and gold accents.

How she wears it: She wears her Mulco watch on busy days when she has to run around and remain on time in all her engagements. She wears it with a white comfy top, ripped boyfriend jeans, and a pair of brown fringe shoes.

What she loves about Mulco: This brand always surprises her with its trends, colour palettes and styles.

Versatility In Style With Veronica Garcia

Who she is: Verónica Garcia is a Spain-based fashion blogger and telecommunications engineer. She has a passion for fashion, beauty and interior design.

What she wears: She wears a black Couture NYC watch. It uses Swiss Made Quartz movement. It is made of stainless steel, has elegant black leather straps, and silver dial.

How she wears it: She transforms a basic outfit to an eye-catching get-up with one of her Mulco watches. She wears it with grey jeans, white tee, a double buttoned blazer, and lace-up sandals.

What she loves about Mulco: It is a great watch, it can almost be her uniform.

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