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Take Elegance to the Skies with the Omega Moon watch

The Speedmaster Professional has been known as the most classic and elegant chronograph watch due to its beautiful and timeless design. Its popularity grew all the more when it was worn by an astronaut while walking on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission, and thereafter, when it was worn again during the American spacewalk for NASA’s Gemini 4 mission. Since then, this amazing watch was known as the Omega Moon watch.

Omega Moon watch: Perfect Marriage of Durability and Style

Since its first spaceflight, the Omega Moon watch remains one of the very few watches qualified to withstand extra-vehicular activity, and the external forces and pressures of space. What’s great about this is that the Omega Moon watch was never really intended for space exploration but really for sport and racing. With the Moon watch, Omega proves that it not only puts style first, but quality to go beyond what it’s made for.

Truly an innovation, one notable feature of the Moon watch is that it was created to be durable while still sticking to its style aesthetic. The Omega Moon watch was originally intended for sports, but Omega proved that action and style can co-exist through their classic Moon watch designs. The brand still created it with beautiful elements of a stainless steel design, slim and polished body, sub-dials, and a chronograph. These are elements that you’d never expect to have on a durable sports watch.

Versatility at Its Finest

Because of its elegant and undeniable classic design, an Omega Moon watch can be worn almost anywhere – on the moon, on the race car tracks, and of course, during a fashionable evening event.

You can wear it while spending time with the family, hiking with friends, or during a night out of town with a loved one. Its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal chronograph will enable you to take on any challenge or adventure, while at the same time, keep you looking sleek and elegant whenever you need to.

The success of the Omega Moon watch has led to Omega’s development of more designs that are sleeker, cleaner, and slimmer. Each Omega Moon watch is made so elegantly - it’s impossible not to find the perfect Omega Moon watch for you.

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