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Oniss Watches Create a Perfect Match with Style and Preference

The Oniss watches are marketed by Nisimov Watch Co. Inc., a company in California, USA, that imports and exports brands of watches and distributes them all over the world. The company has tapped into different channels such as catalogues, shopping networks in television and chains of jewellery stores to make their fabulous items more accessible to their clients. They take into consideration their target market's geographical location to match the designs of the watches to the client's preference.

Oniss Watches: Great Quality at Great Prices

Oniss watches can be divided into two collections, namely: the Oniss Chronograph collection and Oniss Quartz Collection. These timepieces have been designed to satisfy the taste of every client, even the pickiest one. Designs may vary from being a classical timepiece to modernistic appearance and functionality. It has been crafted using only the best quality materials that are guaranteed to endure the test of time for many years. Accuracy and precision is guaranteed with the use of Swiss parts movement for both collections.

Oniss Chronograph Collection

The Chronograph collection of Oniss watches boasts of its durability with its case and band being made out of either ceramic or stainless steel material. The face of the watches are made up of Sapphire crystal that enables it to withstand shock, thereby remaining robust and splendid in appearance. This line of Oniss watches is suitable for people who are always on the go, may it be an intense day doing sports activities or just a hectic day at work.

Most of the designs are catered to men, with colour choices ranging from titanium grey, black, blue, gold and aluminium. The Oniss watches are water-resistant in varying levels. A limited warranty is offered by the distributor Nisimov Watch Co. Inc.

Oniss Quartz Collection

The Oniss watches that are part of the Quartz collection screams elegance at its finest with the embellishments used in some Oniss watch models like Cubic Zirconia stones. The designs cater to both men and women with shapes that are either circular or rectangular in shape.

The same level of resistance to scratches is offered with the use of Sapphire crystal in its face. Materials used for the casing and band are ceramic or stainless steel with different colours such as silver, rose, gold, pink, blue, and many more. They are also water-resistant in varying levels, and has a limited warranty offered by the distributor.

Oniss watches are highly in demand because of its durability and affordable prices. This makes them prone to imitation. Ice Online ensures that only genuine Oniss watches are being sold to the client. Browse our online catalogue and buy an Oniss watch that suits your taste!