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Say “I Do” the Colourful Way with Coloured Engagement Rings

Engagement rings and wedding rings have gone a long, long way from simply being symbols of one’s commitment and undying affection. Today, they are more than just mere symbols; they have evolved into big ticket investments. It is often said that a man should never scrimp on the engagement ring of his fiancée, as more often than not, it is the first piece of real jewellery she will own. Likewise, couples should not cut corners on their wedding rings because, after all, it is what gets left to them as a lasting remembrance of their wedding, way after the cake has been cut, the gown has been put away, the guests have gone home, and the flowers have wilted.

As with all investment pieces, you have to be careful in choosing your wedding rings and engagement rings – after all, you will be seen wearing them for the rest of your life. Choosing designs that are classic and timeless is typical, particularly among sensible people who do not want to simply follow trends. The problem with this approach is that since the rings they end up choosing come in traditional designs, they tend to veer towards being generic. While the twinkle of the gemstones might catch an eye or two every so often, these rings do not really stand out. And if you are going to spend a considerable amount of money on jewellery, don’t you want others to admire them, too?

Jazz it Up with Coloured Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings

The good news is that nowadays, it is no longer unusual or deemed too trendy to find women sporting rings that are coloured. Yes, even those rings that symbolise their being officially off the market. Coloured engagement and wedding rings are starting to become popular nowadays. You can choose from different gem stones – you can opt for a pink diamond, or perhaps a yellow one. Or you can choose a bright blue sapphire, or maybe some rubies, if you are not faint-hearted. You can also choose from different metals. While white gold and platinum or maybe silver are the more traditional ones, you can choose yellow gold for a warmer look and feel, or rose gold for a romantic, feminine aesthetic.

Coloured rings from Ice Online Australia

At Ice Online, we believe in shaking things up and keeping things pretty, which is why we offer high quality coloured wedding rings and engagement rings that will surely delight modern brides. We believe in giving you great value for your money, the very reason why our rings are priced reasonably. You will surely find one that fits your budget. Our gorgeous rings come in different designs, too, so you will never be out of choices!

Choose from our wide selection of fine jewellery today and say “I do” in style.