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The Classic and the Contemporary in One Splendid Jewellery Online Catalogue

Our jewellery collection boasts of the best classic and contemporary jewels that would surely suits your sophisticated taste

At Ice Online Australia, we want to give you a simple yet pleasurable jewellery shopping experience. Browse through our limitless jewellery catalogue and experience luxury like you have never experienced it before.

Jewellery Online at the Most Affordable Price

Home to Australia’s finest classic and contemporary jewellery collections, Ice Online Australia’s catalogue highlights authentic world-class jewellery brands such as Thomas Sabo, Pastiche, Georgini, Najo, Michael Kors watches, and Marc Jacobs watches, among others.

Behind our 15-year success is our panel of expert jewellers who have been scouring the entire globe in pursuit of the best and most stunning jewelleries that can be offered at affordable price for you.

Visit our online catalogue and shop for the finest earrings, rings, bracelets, watches, silver, and the most luxurious gemstones.

World-Class, Splendid Service

With ICE Online, you can be certain that sophistication does not end on our online shop. Our job includes ensuring that all product packaging standards are met, and services are delivered with professional customer service at the highest level. All ordered jewelleries will be delivered to your door scathe-free. We also offer a money back guarantee scheme to make sure we give you exactly what you want and not just close to what you desire.

Sophisticated, Affordable Gemstones

Ice Online Australia may be young in the business, but it is no tenderfoot to the eyes of the critics. Famous models and fashion icons across and outside Australia have worn our products, and various fashion authorities from Vogue, A Current Affair, The Wall St Journal, and even news authority have given us high regard. We are Australia’s top jewellery provider, catering to all kinds of fashion requirements - be it classic, contemporary, or a fusion of both. Our sapphire, emerald, morganite, aquamarine, ruby, topaz and cubic zirconia rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces have captured the attention of the most fashionable in the country, and it’s high time for you to experience it firsthand.

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