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Top Things Women LOVE About Marc Jacobs Men’s Watches

There’s just something about men who wear watches that makes them practically irresistible to women. Almost any girl would have to agree that watches are a definite plus on guys. We have no idea what exactly is, but there is definitely something that always makes girls take a second glance. And who has better designs for men’s watches than Marc Jacobs? They know exactly how to do something with a perfect mix of sexy and classy put together in a classic timepiece.

Why Wear Marc Jacobs Men’s Watches

Here are a few notes on what women love about guys wearing watches, as well as some ideas on why you should get a watch yourself!

They look ultra-sexy on guys. If a man has to wear a watch, it naturally means that he values his time. Enough said. There’s nothing sexier than a man who keeps an eye on his busy schedule. One more thing it does is make a girl want to be pencilled in at his 2 o’clock. *wink*

They invite a vibe of power and class. A watch sends the idea that a person has their life intact and has everything down from this point on. It shows that he can handle things well on his own. Now, a Marc Jacobs watch clearly exclaims that he can handle things well on his own… with class. After all, class is what separates the boys from the men.

It shows that men care about how they look. If a man wears any of the Marc Jacobs men’s watches, then he definitely puts some thought into his physical appearance. And trust us when we say this, nothing is less of a turn off than a guy looking as if he always has the ‘just got out of bed’ look. The ‘throw on the first shirt I see’ look is so over; men who dress to impress deserve commendation.

It makes men look organised. You know what really turns a girl on? It’s knowing that a man has just about everything important in his life put together. It makes a girl feel like he can take care of his own business as well as he can take care of his woman – and that is something that screams irresistible.

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